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I'm pumped for Weezer's new CD

...I have to share my excitement -- and this looks like the place to do it! 


WEEZER is great   This is a music player that has clips from the new CD. I just pre-ordered mine and I am PSYCHED!! (especially since it was only 9.99!)

I've actually heard mixed reviews -- some say it's great (much like their older stuff) and at the same time some people have told me it sucks (much like their later stuff). IMHO i like the single Beverly hills, but it was definitely an "acquired taste." (I had to get over the shock of the almost 'not normal'-weezer like music) Does anyone here listen to Weezer? or wants to give me an opinion?? Hehe maybe I should return it if it's not so good...

Just click around on the stars in the player (once it loads up) to hear the clips.

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