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May Rolling Stone

yeah so she wrote the article on weezer for rolling stone this month. they're on the cover :) yeah but that girl totally blows. she made rivers seem all evil. that everybody hates him. she probably doesnt even like weezer. why did they pick her to write it. i'm pretty sure he just didnt like rivers cuz she's one of those stuck up preppy chicks. just cuz he's quiet. the biotch. yeah i am very pissed about this. didnt even really say good stuff about the new album. what a @@$%.

I hope the AP article is good.
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Ich Auch!!


June 18 2005, 04:34:11 UTC 11 years ago

Oh my gosh... you have no idea how much that bloody pissed me off... I love the pics from the article... but you're right. They made him seem like a loner ass. Grr... from one weezer obsessor to another... come find me on xanga if you wanna.