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Alive i say!

Title: You could never hurt me
Author: Me
Pairing: Rivers Cuomo(weezer)/ Adam Lazzara(TBS)
Rating: PG-13 for language
Summary: hahaha I don't know.
Disclaimer: I wish I owned them both :)...But I don't :(

From the side of the stage I watch you, dancing and wiggling those sexy hips of yours. I blush as you catch me staring. Fucking idiot that wasn’t supposed to happen. I look down at my hands, fuck I’m shaking.

He does this to me, who? Adam Lazzara, I haven’t spoken to him, but I’ve caught every show on this tour. He hasn’t noticed me, but tonight he did. He probably thinks I’m a freak or something. Damn these emotions.

Keep your cool Rivers, he’s just a guy. But not just any guy, he’s the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. His brown eyes, cute smile and his wonderful voice, he’s so damn perfect. But who am I kidding, why would he ever want to get involved with me?

Reasons, well lets start off that I am so fucking shy. I tend to say stupid things in front of people, who knows what I’d say when I talk to him. I have no experience in this area; I’ve never been with a guy. And let’s not forget to mention that I’m light years older than he is. I’m 34, single and confused. Let’s face it; he’d never look at me like I want him to.

Just look at him, his short brown hair dyed pink. His tight shirt, when he makes the slightest move you can see the elastic band to his underwear. And not to forget those pants, I just wonder how long it takes him to put those on? I would really like to know; gosh I am such a weirdo.

Then look at me, short browned haired guy with black thick-rimmed glasses. I am nothing special; I’m just a sad, pitiful guy looking for love. You better snap out of this one Rivers, this isn’t going to work. You’re just setting your self up for heartache. Is that what you want? No, that is not what you want.

I’m way to busy thinking that I don’t notice that their set is over. I’m still staring, watching his every move. He’s walking this way; his band went the opposite direction. He’s getting closer, what do I do? Think Rivers think!

“Hey Rivers” Adam says with a smile and continues to walk.

Wow, I’ve never heard my name spoken so beautifully before. The way his lips moved, gently pronouncing my name. I just wanted to go up to him and kiss him and say his name in return. But then I’d freak him out and he’d never speak to me. So that’s never going to happen.

I start to turn around and I see Adam sitting in the middle of the floor, it looks like he’s meditating. Hmm maybe I should go and join him. I bet he’d like some company; it’s always nice to meditate with a partner other than alone.

Walking over I have one destination, which is to sit next to Adam and meditate.


Damn, why does everything hurt so much? Opening my eyes I see the most beautiful sight. It’s Adam looking down on me. This is odd, very odd.

“Hey” he says with a soft smile.

“Umm, hey, what happened?” I question.

“You missed the steps I guess and fell on your face. What’s your name?”

“Rivers, how long was I out?”

“Not that long, maybe a few minutes. I carried you to your dressing room so no one would step on you. You’re so small.” He starts to giggle and blushes.

“Heh, thanks for saving me from all the big people." I smile back, blushing a bit.

I try to get up; maybe I got up to quick. Because when I got up I fell forward into his arms. Staring at each other, I can tell we’re both blushing. Then I start to think, maybe I do have a chance.

~Part 2~

I am in his arms, Adam Lazzara’s arms. Jeez what do I do?

“Oh my god, I am so sorry man.”

“It’s alright, it’s not like you hurt me or anything.”

Gently laying me back down on the couch, which really isn’t too comfortable to begin with. He makes sure I am comfortable and not in pain. On his knees staring at me, asking me if I’m ok, god, he’s on his knees. I tell him I’m okay and that it would be nice if he got me bottled water.

“Hey, umm, how did you not see the steps? You walked up them didn’t you?” He’s looking dead at me, do I want to tell him the truth or tell him some lie? I don’t know, I am so damn nervous right now; I just want to walk out and hide.

“I thought the steps were further ahead” crap, I think he can tell I’m making this up; he’s got that weird look in his eyes. Shit, what do I do? Lay here and make up other stupid stories, or tell him the damn truth. That I was staring at him and that I wanted to kiss him, fully kiss Adam on the lips. Would he be freaked out and walk away? Tell people that I was a fucking fag? “I didn’t see them coming, I guess I just showed you how clumsy I can be.” He giggles and rubs my leg; I don’t think he noticed it was my leg because he quickly pulled back.

“Rivers, I am so sorry. Don’t tell anyone, please.” His eyes got huge. What does he want me to keep a secret? Hmm, I’ll find out.

“What exactly do I keep a secret?” Damnit Rivers, why did you say that he’s giving me an evil glare. I should be fucking shot for saying that. He probably doesn’t want me to tell people he rubbed my leg and was kind of flirting with me.
“That I’m flirting with you and I basically felt you up. Damn, I’m going to be in some trouble aren’t “ You’re going to kick us off the tour. Please don’t do that. I love touring with you guys, and the fans. I love them a lot.” He playing with his hair and biting his lower lip. He should know that I wouldn’t do such a thing.

“Nah man, it’s alright. I guess this can be out little secret.” Could you sound anymore stupid? “Besides, I really didn’t mind all that much” Holy sweet Goddamn, did I say what I think I just said? Adam’s blushing staring at the ground, hoping I don’t see that his face is almost as pink as the shirt he’s wearing.

It’s almost like my body has a mind of its own. My hand is on his check, slowly rubbing it. Adam’s moving his hand onto mine, moving my hand towards his lips, kissing it and biting it a bit. Wow, I never knew I would be so turned on by someone kissing and nibbling on my hand. Yes, I am turned on and I want him now. I don’t care if anyone walks in on us. I really hope he locked the door when he brought me in.

I look into Adam’s eyes, and I can tell he wants to kiss me. Licking my lips I guess that gave him some sort of signal to go ahead because before I know it his lips are all over mine. Slowly kissing me, I kiss him back like I had never kissed another. God his lips taste like strawberries. I can feel his soft hands running up my leg again. I moan as his hand caresses my cock.

Pulling away from me he opens is beautiful mouth. “Are you sure about this? Ya know, cuz your back and stuff. I don’t want to hurt you.” he gives me the cutest pout.

“I don’t think you could ever hurt me.” holding his hand, squeezing it tight reassuring him that it’s okay and that I don’t give a shit if he does hurt me.

Moving forward kissing him, entwining our hands together, feeling his tongue on mine, so soft and yummy; I never want this to end. I wish I had a remote for my life, I would replay this moment every time we aren’t together. Rivers quit thinking about the future, you don’t want to get hurt. Again I can feel his hand massaging my cock, oh god damn it’s so hard right now. We continue to kiss until…

“Hey Rivers we got about 20 minutes until we…oh shit, Riv, I am so sorry. I should have knocked.” Brian walked in on us, he has the strangest look on his face. He looks like he wants just pass out from the shock.

“Brian, could you not mention this to anyone?” God I really hope he says he won’t.

“I won’t say a word, just ya know; lock the door next time.” I can breathe now, everything is going to be alright.

“I’ll lock the door next time, I promise and thank you oh so much Brian. I owe you.”

“yeah, okay” He closes the door. I stare at Adam, he looks so confused.
“I have to get going, we’re up in a few minutes.” I don’t want to go though, I just want to stay here. But I got to do what I got to do.
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